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10 Best Travel Startups Disrupting the Crowded Market in 2016

James McArthur

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Travel startups can be considered as the most diverse business ventures in the current market because of their scope and competitiveness. In a world that keeps on changing frequently, be it in population, technology, infrastructure and so forth, the key to survival in this time and era is to remain relevant. And, that is why we see a number of travel startups growing in throughout the world.

This year has seen a number of travel startup companies setting the pace for others. Here are 10 travel startups making big strides in 2016.

1. TipGenie

Founded in 2015, Tip Genie's success still continues to broaden up to this year. It makes everything about tipping more easy and convenient such that if you are satisfied with a particular service, you will find yourself tipping. Offering cashless tipping, the startup creates a room for consumer feedback.

2. Sensafood

It is one of the most unique and successful travel startups of 2016. The startup mainly deals with food, becoming a favorite website for those who enjoy traveling and sampling delicacies from different parts of the world. Downloading this app will help you translate menus that have been written in local languages to English.

3. Hotelcloud

Hotelcloud strives to create new travel apps for the business world especially in the hotel and travel industry. A team of dedicated personnel work around the clock to make sure that companies get a platform to reach out to as many consumers as possible.

4. Tripjay

Tripjay is a UK based travel startup that allows travelers to book train tickets without paying any booking fee. The web layout is simple and user-friendly, showing all the details including the price of the ticket, location and the expected departure time.

5. Hopper

This app deals with flight ticket bookings. It makes the process of ticket booking much easier. Travelers can get their hands on cheap air tickets and also make a reservation in an easy way in the comfort of their homes.

6. Stayzilla

It was founded for only one purpose; to become one of India's top online marketplaces for hotel stays. It has built its reputation as one of the giants that offer hotel stay services, guest houses, and lodges across India.

7. Tripoto

Recognized as one of the biggest travel communities worldwide, Tripoto enables travelers to meet, socialize and share their traveling experiences with one another.

8. Tripvillas

It's a website that allows travelers to make bookings for home stays and holiday homes as opposed to hotels and resorts. The idea behind its creation was to build a website where private homeowners could create profiles for their homes and have visitors book reservations to stay in them as an alternative to hotels.

9. Thrillophilia

Thrillophilia is a travel company that focuses on travel events and things to do during vacations. The website has over 8000 activities listed from different locations worldwide. It selects the most exciting and unique events in various locations for travelers to explore and have fun.

10. Nearify

This is an app that detects and notifies you on various events happening near you; the events that get displayed to you are from locations you are interested in. The application is not only limited to local events but works for international ones as well.

The travel industry keeps growing gradually, with more niches being introduced, from hotel bookings, flight bookings to ticketing and travel tours. This means that consumers receive better service compared to a few decades back where the process was long and tedious; all thanks to the disrupting startup culture all around the world.

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