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10 Must Have Features In A Battery Saving App That Power Battery Provides

Shekhar Mishra, @techshekhar

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You, me or anybody else who uses Smartphones are tired of charging the battery again and again. We forget to close heavy applications almost every time, which results in battery drainage. Fortunately, intelligent coders have developed Battery Saving Apps, which keeps monitoring the health of our mobile battery and take appropriate actions to make it long last. DU Battery, Power Battery, Battery Doctor are some of the most popular Android apps in this category. I have tried all and finally made my mind to stick with Power Battery because of it is easy-to-use and provides many handy features.

Power Battery - Battery Saver, with close to 50 Million Downloads is a professional battery saver application that could get up approximately sixty percent more battery life for tablets or Android phones.

10 Reasons Why Power Battery Is Actually A Life Saver For Smartphone Users

1. This smart application could supply functions of running app optimizer, customizing power saver, memory manager & clean, battery power monitor and so on.

2. Power Batter manages and organizes the life of your battery in the round. The Power Battery app optimizes the smartphone performance, and the tasks that work in the background will be killed by the power battery app automatically to ensure the maximum performance of the battery.

3. The app has a set of useful features such as health charge, battery monitor, memory manager, charging booster and battery booster, etc.

4. The power battery app has an excellent interface where the significant controls and functions are placed on another. Users can control the ringtone, brightness, data and Wifi directly right from the app.

5. It automatically reduces the consumption of the battery by killing unnecessary background procedures and notify to close apps which are consuming most of the battery. It can distinguish some poorly coded apps that use much of the system resources and in result causes high battery use.

Power Battery, Lionmobi, Battery saving App

6. The power battery app has many fundamental features to maintain and control the battery life. It monitors the applications and ranks them based on which app use most battery. It will instruct the users of the smartphone or tablet to stop the applications manually. It uses some particular algorithm to examine the remaining battery life.

7. One of the most significant benefits of the app is that the functions and features of the app are entirely customizable by the users. You could customize the application by choosing the options such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Vibrate on or off and you can also manage screen timeout, etc.

8. There are several beautiful skins available on the application to select from.

9. There are numerous advantages of the power battery such as custom profile, charge booster, complete battery details, accurate and user-friendly interface.

Power Battery, Lionmobi, Battery saving App

10. To Sum it up, here are some of the best features of Power Battery developed by Lionmobi which is closing to 50 Million Downloads on Google Play.

  • Accurately Estimates Remaining Battery Time
  • Power Saver & Draining Detection & Monitor
  • Memory Manager
  • Power Battery can list information about device hardware and software
  • The app provides detailed battery information, like as capacity, voltage, temperature, etc.
  • Customize power saver mode
  • Intelligent mode-switching
  • Customized Battery Skin
  • Power Protection
  • You can participate in the community through the app.
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