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Top 5 Streaming Media Devices of 2016

Amit Sen

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The modern digital age signals the heightened popularity of virtual content on TV today. No wonder, some of the most advanced televisions these days come up with in-built apps to stream online content to TV from the web world. But what if your dear old TV model does not carry such edgy features? Well, not to fret as you have media streaming devices now that are designed to connect your television with local or online media stream services so that you can check out on your favorite Netflix movies and other such virtual wonders. However, before you connect your TV with a streaming service, it's wiser to get a comparative study on major streaming services.

So, what are the best media streaming devices this year?

Amazon Fire TV

Boasting a solid 4.5 star rating on 5, Amazon Fire TV is one of the most recommended names when it comes to the best media streaming devices in 2016. It's structured around FireOS which is an advanced Android version, designed in tune with Amazon content. Naturally, you will be treated with a generous dose of Amazon Prime menu- the device comes with Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Instant Video in-built into its menu system. But there is more to it and you will find myriad other popular contents which are available through individual apps such as Netflix, YouTube or Hulu Plus. It's a great thing that Fire TV accommodates Hulu since Hulu is showing a better competitive edge lately, even when compared to Sling TV. Alexa is definitely one of the most applauded aspects of Amazon Fire TV as it signifies a handy voice remote to operate the functions for you as you relax on your couch after a long daunting day. The latest Fire TV is even compatible with 4K video.

Android TV

Google's dedicated Android media streamer is another hot favorite when it comes to popular media streamers. In fact, it's the first ever portal to present the high end 4K Netflix content, courtesy its in-built 4k Netflix app. The device is applauded for its industry-leading hardware, awesome connectivity & amazing gaming capabilities. Android TV has also fetched rave reviews for its robust conversational voice-search capacity. The storage can be upgraded up till 128 GB. In short, if you want something that will fan your gaming spirit and offer you great access 4k movie and video contents online, this one would be a great option.

Apple TV

The discussion on top media streamers would be incomplete without the mention of Apple TV and its especially awesome for the Apple users. As of now, Apple TV looks even more pulling with a good bunch of much awaited upgrades and has received rave reviews from users and experts of late. The main USP of the device is its refined video experience which is the most sophisticated and polished compared to all its contenders. And yes, users have loved its attractive familiar interface & speedy reactions. It's App Store is packed with ever expanding services and software- you will find a great gallery of apps here & AirPlay comes to the rescue for the unsupported apps. You also have the Siri voice controlled remote facility here that makes using Apple TV even more convenient.


Roku is certainly one of the most recommended names when it comes to the most popular media streamers today. The coolest deal about Roku is that it caters with all the prime streaming media options, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Sling TV, Hulu Plus as well as the smaller niche applications. However, among all Roku versions, it's the Premiere+ & Streaming Stick which are the most favorite among the users given their 4K & point-anywhere remote capacities.

Google Chromecast

If you are looking for a more affordable option with contemporary media streaming devices that won't come at the cost of quality- you have Google Chromecast for you. Much to your convenience, you have a dirt-cheap option here and this wirefree video-dongle is designed to stream almost all popular online entertainment options to your television- including YouTube, Netflix, HBO Now, Pandora and so on. The dongle will also stream major gaming streams to your TV. It does not come with a remote but you can use an Apple or Android tablet/phone/PC as your controller here. The latest version of Chromecast supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity.

Finally, not all media streaming devices would be compatible for you. When it comes to buying media streamer, consider your needs first to find out the most fitting addition to your living room.

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