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Will there be a PlayStation 5?

Rehan Ijaz, @ShRehanijaz

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It seems fair to say that Sony has seen a huge success with their PlayStation 4.As we enter the age of 4K resolutions, it's down to the PS4 Pro to be the dominant option. However, Microsoft's XBOX Scorpio promises to be more powerful, and that's not to mention Nintendo's Switch.

PlayStation Users Stoked to Hear PlayStation 5 May Be on Its Way

Many PlayStation fans are already asking the question: Will there be a PlayStation 5? Of course, Sony is keeping rather quiet surrounding the possibility of a future console launch. That leaves us to ponder, wonder and consider the various roads that the juggernaut company might take within the coming years.
As technology appears to be progressing at a pace not seen before, the typical console cycle is changing. For example, the PS2 enjoyed a long journey that began back in 2000 – the system was re-released with a Slim edition, but power enhancements were not in demand back then – and aesthetic changes were seen as a bold enough move. The same cannot be said anymore, with the PS4 launching back in 2013, yet three years later we not only see a slim edition, but a much more powerful version; the PS4 pro, too.
In the future, it is predicted that we'll connect to hardware opposed to owning it. However, this isn't going to happen just yet and we have plenty of time to fit in a PS5 launch. Internet connections might be improving, but we are hardly at the point where many are able enjoy speeds of 1GB per second – although it is appearing. These speeds would certainly support real cloud gaming, where the user could simply connect to high-end technology, allowing them to enjoy evolving visuals with nothing more than a USB stick that might plugin to their TV set.

No Word on Cloud Gaming... Yet

We might be on the path to fully pledged cloud gaming, but we aren't their yet, and whilst in sight, it's going to be at least a decade before we can realistically see this as a possible alternative. Furthermore, will hardware outpace that of internet capabilities? It's very possible.

All of the evidence points towards a future announcement of a PS5(PlayStation 5). Not only does Sony like to keep the trend obvious, something Nintendo doesn't seem able to do, but they also love to keep us all in suspense, too. In other words, we shouldn't expect a fancy new name – but a console that would follow the same ingredients that has made the PlayStation so successful.

PS4 Pro Hints At the Future of PlayStation

The recent launch of the PS4 Pro will extend the life-span for the PlayStation 4. How will things pan out between the XBOX Scorpio and the PS4 Pro? Only time will tell. Sony is sure to be ready to be re-crowned as the 'most powerful console' in the not so distant future. In fact, until the Scorpio releases, the PS4 will keep this very crown – but we're thinking ahead, of course.
My prediction is that we will definitely see a PlayStation 5. It will possibly be announced a year after the Scorpio – sometime in 2018, and will arrive in 2019. Of course, the timing could be sooner or later, but the option for not at all would make no sense. Sony and fans alike will be hungry for more excitement within the coming years and the idea that the PS4 is was the end of the PlayStation brand would be quite crazy.

What are your views? Do you think that Sony will unveil a PS5 in the near future? Be sure to leave your comments, ideas and feedback within the comments.

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