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5 Fabulous must Have Gadgets for your Pets

Pimenov Maxim

Most of the pet owners can second to the fact that raising a pet is as taxing as raising a child. You will have to feed them, play with them and do what not to make sure that they are healthy and happy with you. But because of the busy work life or any other commitments, it can be very difficult to take out the required time needed to take proper care of the pets.

But as it turns out, technology can be used to ensure that your pet is well fed, groomed and properly exercised. The market today is filled with many different gadgets which can make the life of a pet and its owner is very easy. Here are some of the top gadgets which can help you in raising your pet.


Fitbark is a very impressive gadget which can let you monitor your dog's activity. The monitor goes on the back of the neck of your pet and can provide you information like distance walked, sleeping time and other activities. It can be perfect if you are mostly away from your pet and want to see their behavioral pattern when you are not around. The gadget can also be instrumental in the pet care business at it can provide a very good way to monitor any behavioral changes.

Motorola Scout 500

If your dog or cat has a constant habit of wandering off from home, then this is a must-have gadget for you. This is a high-tech collar, which has a GPS tracking device attached to it. There is also an HD camera which can provide you video feed whenever your pet gets lost. It can be perfect for the purpose of searching and can pinpoint the exact location of your pet. Don't forget that this comes from the trusted name of Motorola, so you can rest assured about the quality of the product.

Petzi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

Most of the pet owners have to leave their pets all alone throughout the day and go to work. If you are someone who has to go through this painful process every day then Petzi has brought a very helpful product for you. This is a Pet Camera uses your house Wi-Fi to provide a live feed of your house with the help of a specially designed mobile application. The gadget can let you see, talk and click pictures of your pet and ensure that you are in constant touch with them. There is also a treat dispenser in the product which you can use to give three treats throughout the day.


are you worried about your dog is not getting much exercise while you are gone? iFetch can be the perfect alternative that can come to your rescue. This is a pet toy which is created to play fetch with the dog. There is three option, differentiated on size which you will have to choose from. It will have three balls inside it which your dogs can fetch. It is a perfect product to make sure that your dog is properly exercised and does not get bored.

Litter Robot III Open Air

If you have cats, then this is a revolutionary product which you need to get a hand on. With this, you will no longer have a smelly, poopy litter box in your bathroom. This smart, high-tech device will solve the complete problem by its own with the help of its self-cleaning mechanism. This automatic self cleaning litter box will deposit the poop in a drawer after the cat has used it. You will only have to empty the drawer once every three to four days.

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