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6 Companies Disrupting Business Artificial Intelligence

David Wither

There have been many technical revolutions in the history of humanity. The agricultural revolution allowed our species to form towns and villages; the industrial revolution resulted in the many tools and resources, from textiles to metals, that we use today; the scientific revolution brought modern medicine into existence. The digital revolution peaked only a few years ago, as the internet became mainstream - now, most cannot imagine life without it. Many may not have realized yet, but we're in the midst of another revolution: artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has been gaining traction for years, but in the past two years, with the release of the Amazon Echo, Microsoft's Cortana and Google Home, it's gone mainstream and started infiltrating even non-technical consumers' lives. But it's not just spoken commands that are being mastered - it's every aspect of our lives. From business intelligence to translations, citizens of the world are becoming increasingly well informed, with more tools being added to their arsenal for everyday challenges, both at work and at home.

But hey, everyone knows about Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google. What about the smaller, unexpected companies that are doing great things? If you've been hoping to one day have your very own Jarvis, keep track of these six companies you didn't know were changing the business world with artificial intelligence:

Lead generation is a topic as old as business itself - the first person who decided to aggressively seek out buyers for their products started with yelling in crowded areas and painting on walls. We've since gotten significantly more sophisticated, and LeadCrunch is reaching new heights in the industry by utilizing their incredibly accurate AI to seek out warm leads for businesses. I think we can all get behind a business that's dedicated to eliminating unwanted cold calls.

Nope, it's not a music startup - Banjo takes social media and digital signals, record their location, and combines the two to output some seriously impressive social data. If your brand could benefit from knowing what trends are before they become trends, or if you're curious what a particular location is obsessed with right now, Banjo should be your first stop.

Automated Insights
You love spreadsheets, right? Of course you do. You love reading them and making their data compelling even more! However, if you're one of those weird people that thinks reading spreadsheets and turning them into presentations and sales collateral is a bit dull, look to Automated Insights. Their AI does it all for you, from writing product descriptions to press releases, cut the time you spend on writing out computations, and spend it on actual creative work instead.

You know that friend that always has an interesting story for you, and that you never get bored of spending time with? Persado does that for your branded content. Really. Persado's algorithm generates language that inspires your customers, users and readers to take the action you're suggesting - from purchasing to adhering to user instructions and prompts.

Do you love chat assistants? Wish they were just a bit more helpful? Check out MindMeld, the company that's making chat assistants that seem to read your users' minds. And yes, they're inspired by Star Trek's Spock, so you know they're good.
Increasingly important as more news is made and announced on social media platforms like Twitter - even the incoming president does it, after all - businesses should be concerned with context. But how can you possibly keep track of every account that might have said something relevant? Enter, which hopes to be the answer to many branding professionals' prayers.

As the artificial intelligence revolution progresses, it's critical that businesses take note, and hope on the technological train before it leaves the station. It's one thing to be uncomfortable with using new technology in your personal life - writing it off as some silly toy the kids use - but it's another to ignore a resource as a brand. The era of businesses relying on the phrase "but this is how we've always done it," has officially come to a close. If you aren't making sure your business is top of class in technology, regardless of your industry, you're setting yourself up for failure.

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