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Mercedes-Benz is in limelight once again with Google Assistant Integration

Kevin Nouse

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If you are a Mercedes-Benz owner, you would no more need to go out everytime to your car to check whether your wheels are locked or not. Yes, the coming year brings incredible news for the Benz users as the esteemed automobile company announced of its state of the art integration of Google Assistant on the edgy Google Home. Now, what is Google Home? Well, it's a handy voice-activated personal assistant that could be used by Mercedes vehicle owners to interact with their cars right from the comfort of their home. The futuristic feature would be available for customers from 2017.

Mercedes' integration of Google Assistant is all about facilitating seamless easy interaction between the car and the home. This phenomenal pairing with Google Assistant looks to be a promising step towards the automotive giant's endeavors towards creation of intelligent ecosystem for its luxe cars – which also aims to make things even more convenient for the car owners.

So, what does this integration signify for the users?

Google Assistant integration on Google Home will help the Benz users to-

  • Set & activate heating & cooling systems in their vehicles from home which means no longer you would have to wait for your cat to cool down or warm up.
  • Check out the fuel & charge levels which will enable you to schedule your next rides accordingly and systematically.
  • Know about next servicing.
  • Lock & unlock the car right from the home.
According to further reports on Mercedes integration with Google Assistant, the users can use the Google Home for sending their next destination address to their car and it would be waiting for them when they hop in for the ride.

"With its groundbreaking Google Assistant Integration on Google Home, Mercedes-Benz stands tall as one among the first OEMs to make its models even smarter & more connected. It's a part of its ambitious vision to further evolve its wheels with modern artificial intelligence", remarked Joe Mosier, the CEO of Adsit, which deals with both new and used Mercedes car parts.

How does it work?

In simple words, this breakthrough integration implies that the Mercedes-Benz users can now "talk" to the cars starting with a simple "Ok Google" on Google Home. Next, you will say "Let me talk to my Mercedes" on which you would receive multiple car-specific voice assistance, courtesy the integration of Google Assistant. For example, if you are not sure whether you already locked your precious Mercedes-Benz or not after you get back home, you would simply need to ask Google Home –"is the car locked?" – and Google Assistant would report back with the immediate security status of your vehicle.
Speaking on Mercedes' latest integration, Sajjad Khan, VP of Dalmier's digital vehicle and mobility noted-"the latest integration stresses how amazingly 'intelligent' the Mercedes-Benz cars would be in near future."

No wonder, 2017 is going to be a happier New Year for the Mercedes Benz owners.

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