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Duolingo's clubs make language learning a competition

A little friendly competition is a good motivator.
Billy Steele
12.29.16 in Services

Duolingo debuted chat bots to help you learn a new language back in October, but now the company is looking to offer a bit more human interaction. Today, it introduced a new feature called Language Clubs so you can band together with friends and other users who are attempting to tackle another language. Think of it like how you compare accomplishments with your friends in fitness apps and you'll get the idea.

Inside the Duolingo apps for Android and iOS, the company now offers users the option of joining a group where you'll see a shared news feed that lists members' accomplishments. There's a weekly leaderboard as well, because bragging rights are always a good motivator. Language Clubs are available in 20 different languages just in time to offer some added incentive for you to keep that New Year's resolution.

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