Chrysler unveils its concept minivan for the selfie generation

The automaker wants passengers to connect with each other and the world.

The future of driving (or more likely, riding) has become less about speed and more about making sure occupants are comfortable and more importantly, entertained. At CES later today, Fiat/Chrysler (FCA) will unveil its Portal concept car. The electric vehicle will have face recognition and voice biometrics for what the automaker says is focused on millennials and will be "more than a tool -- it's an integral part of their lives."

The SUV/crossover/minivan concept will have three rows of seating with doors that slide both forward and back like a fancy closet that opens into a social media future. To make sure the ride is as connected as possible, the Portal has selfie cam; a group setting that takes all the rider's information and plans a trip accordingly; and a display for those sitting in the back that encourages them to post about their trip. And if the driver and someone sitting in the very back seat can't hear each other, the car also has an intercom system.

Of course it's not all just selfies and social media updates: The Portal has a range of over 250 miles. It supports DC quick charging and the battery will get an additional 150 miles after about 15 minutes on the juice. The car will operate semi-autonomously with Lidar, radar, ultrasonic and camera sensors keeping track of the road for the driver.

No word on when or if this glorious glowing vehicle will go on sale. Like nearly every concept car, it's unlikely it'll ever land in your garage, but what FCA shows off could potentially land in future Chryslers.

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Chrysler Portal concept: First look