Know how to beat Netflix proxy error

Amit Sen
A. Sen|01.06.17

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netflix proxyNetflix users are in a baffled state now. Yes, Netflix has always restricted its contents to specific regions but then there are VPN providers who helped the users to catch contents banned in their countries by masking their respective IP addresses. But 2016 onwards, "You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy", seems to be the most usual frustration for Netflix users taking to geo-restricted content. In January this year, Netflix announced that it's on its way to crack down VPN as well as smart DNS proxy facilities that enable users to alter the Netflix region to access blocked content. Netflix has been really serious this time resulting in the frequent flash of Netflix proxy block message.

Now, definitely that's not a fair step from the streaming service giant. On one hand it's making us pay for shows which we don't want & on the other hand, the shows that we actually want aren't available to us. No wonder more than 36,000 users have already signed petition condemning this hassle caused by Netflix. However, Netflix is steadfast in its VPN.

Does it mean that you cannot access your favorite Netflix contents only because it's restricted for your region? Well, don't fret as there are ways toways to fix for Netflix proxy error.

Use a client-centric VPN provider

This is the simplest fix when you stumble upon the Netflix proxy block message. There are two types of VPN service providers at present. One is that strictly abides by the current rulings of Netflix and prevents geo-restricted contents for users. But then, you also have another set of VPN providers who hold clients as primary and hence do not care about the recent restriction from Netflix. Your task is to find such a VPN provider who will enable you to go on binge-watching your favorite Netflix series, despite the ban on your specific area.

Region changer SmartDNS service provider

SmartDNS extends easy unblocked access to Netflix geo-restricted contents sans the issue of high-profile encryption. However, Netflix has come up with its smart app that can prevent one from bypassing geoblocks even when you are using SmartDNS provider. But then, you still have robust Region changer SmartDNS service providers that come up with advanced edgy DNS setup to beat the problem. In this case, the provider hosts alternative firmware which can reroute traffic via Netflix application right to your preferred DNS server.

P2P system

There is another way to bypass Netflix's VPN ban and it is through P2P (peer-to-peer) system. With the smart P2P system, each user will allow the other one to bank on the IP address of his PC. For example, if you are in London and have a friend in NY, you can utilize your friend's residential IP to access American Netflix contents. At present, Netflix is banning the commercial IP addresses mostly and the residential counterparts are left untouched- and Netflix users can take due advantage of that now to beat the proxy error.

So, which Netflix series have you planned for the New Year?
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