Top 5 tech tools that small businesses can't live without

Amit Sen
A. Sen|01.10.17

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small business toolIt's impossible to think of the contemporary world without technological forces and the rise of tech tools across the commerce scene has spun a whole new direction for the businesses. Small businesses are more prompt to adopting technical tools and the free services have further fueled the trend. Much to the convenience of the SME owners, there is a vast and versatile array of tech aides today to lower their workload so that they can focus better on their business practices. So, what are the most popular small business tech tools today?
  1. Website designing tool
The modern digital world has made it mandatory for every business to have its presence online. It's true that getting your website developed and designed by a pro developer is a pricey affair which is quite a thing for SMEs -who are usually low on capital in the initial years. But don't fret as today you have the website designing tools and some of the most premium ones are offered for free. You won't require any coding knowledge as these tools offers readymade elegant website templates which can be installed easily and you can have your site up and running in a few minutes only. Many of them come with in-built SEO support for further convenience.
  1. CRM software
Every small business looks forward to establish robust rapport with customers for better client retention further and it calls for the most efficient customer relationship management. Now, SMEs are often short of manpower which at times could spell troubles in orderly customer data management. This is why the small business technology trends is increasingly shooting towards digital customer relationship management with CRM software solutions. Such software platforms will shoulder everything related to customer data management such as leads & opportunity management, forecasting of sales, contact management, marketing automation, analytics reporting etc. It in turn ensures lesser human intervention and lower chance of errors.
  1. Project management tool
Efficient project management is the key to happy customers and higher client retention for any SME. Thus, the business tech scene has come up with distinct project management tools that enable the project managers and team members to have a clear status of the project in real time. Managers can state the deadline and goal of the project as well as inform each member about his specific duties through the tool. The progress would be uploaded to the tool in real time so that the employees can understand the current stand of the project and also get a clear hang on whether they need to speed up. No wonder, the project management tool makes project delivery more efficient.
  1. SMM tools
It's a social world today where you have to have your presence in social media to ensure your exposure to a wider niche. But lack of adequate capital often does not allow the SMEs to hire a dedicated SMM manager to take care of their business activities on the social networking sites. The good thing is that they the SMM software solutions today that will lower your workload by automating a fair share of the management load. It's one of the most wanted tech tools for small businesses. The software will monitor the social media to check out conversations pertinent to your business and will suggest contents to be published. Besides, you will be able to schedule your postings on social networks and the software will do the needful at designated time. Moreover, it can also analyze visitors' actions on your social business page.
  1. Invoice management software
You have to be really particular with your invoices since it plays a decisive role in your business finances. The good thing is that you have invoicing software solutions today and you will even get customized invoice tool at affordable rates. The tool will automate the whole invoicing task for you and as you input your company details & logo- you will have a personalized invoice for you. You won't need to post invoices manually as the software will do the thing for you with just a click on the mouse. The calculation would be done by a machine which means faster service, less risk of errors and faster payment for you. The tool will host the entire customer data so that you can access them anytime and fast. And yes, with all data in one single platform, it makes tracking and managing expenses just a breeze.

The coolest bit is that all these tech tools can be operated with basic computing knowledge and no advanced IT knowledge is required here.
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