Top 7 tips every gaming PC shopper should know

Amit Sen
A. Sen|01.11.17

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gaming PCYes, the new gaming consoles are quite a fad in the contemporary gaming world but nothing can outpace the magnum appeal of gaming PCs, even today. The latter speak of those timeless style statements and are a must when you are seeking a high-end gaming experience. Are you looking forward to celebrate the New Year with a robust gaming PC? That's simply mindblowing – but then, gaming PC is a serious investment and you have to be really particular about the components when you buy a one.

However, not to fret as here comes your guide for best gaming desktops in 2017.
  1. Know the right size
You have to settle for a mini system if you don't have a big desk right now and you are flexible to use the system in your home-theater. But then, pint-sized cannot support much upgradations. You can go for mid-size options as they can fit well on a standard desk & are also big enough to support acceptable cooling and upgradability. If you are looking for a solid gaming desktop that can support best of upgradations and you won't mind hanging it, full tower systems are the one for you.
  1. Custom is the word
When it comes to gaming, every gamer has his or her specific preferences and no generic cookie-cutter approach would work here. So, you should only get your gaming computer from companies which are equipped to help build your custom gaming PC.
  1. Right processor
Gamers are often in a dilemma whether to choose a dual core or a quad-core processor. One of the most crucial aspects that matter while buying a gaming desktop, you have to vouch for quad-core option if you want the best of gaming experience. For the cutting-edge FPS 3D-intense gaming, GeForce GTX GPU from Nvidia & Core i5 processor would be most fitting parts.
  1. Graphic card
Integrated graphics would be fine for the basic 2D games yet when it comes to the high-end 3D AAA numbers, you would definitely need more discrete options. More powerful your graphics card is, smarter would be the graphical details and the desktop's performance. Nvidia and AMD are two of the best choices when it comes to graphic cards for best gaming PCs. Graphic wonders from both the arch rivals assure smooth animation and stunning visual effects.
  1. What about memory?
Memory plays a decisive role in determining how much data the video card can handle. Minimum 1GB memory is mandatory for displays below the 1080p resolution while 2 GB is the thing for you if your screen boasts a proper 1080p display. For resolutions exceeding 1080p, nothing less than 3GB would do.
  1. SSD storage
Most modern gaming PCs are defined by SSD storage as they assure a boosted boot time, improved wake-from-sleep time, enhanced loading and speedy game launch. No wonder, you have to have it in your gaming PC as well. The smarter thing would be to pair up 128GB SSD with a bigger 1TB hard drive.
  1. VR support
One of the most popular buzzwords of 2016 tech scene, Virtual Reality is one of the coolest features of the gaming world today. There is a wealth of VR games out there for a powerful gaming experience. If you are aspiring for that VR gaming experience, make sure your chosen gaming PC is able to support the state of the art Virtual Reality system requirements.

Gaming is your gateway to that desired adrenaline rush you have been craving for so long- and only the most compatible gaming PC can complement the thrill further. So, choose smart & wise.
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