Top 6 technology trends rendering cooler edge to HVAC scene

Kevin Nouse
K. Nouse|01.30.17

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Kevin Nouse
January 30th, 2017
Top 6 technology trends rendering cooler edge to HVAC scene
HVAC technology trendOne of the fastest developing sectors, the HVAC scene speaks of great advancements from time to time. From 2-stage cooling to zoning facility to learning thermostats, the heating & cooling industry shows amazing improvements. Interestingly, the HVAC engineers today are also rooting for green technologies for heating & cooling that promise handy energy savings as well. So, what are the top latest technology trends driving the HVAC industry today?
  1. Solar-powered chiller
Solar energy is making huge waves all over and it has forayed into the HVAC sector as well with full glory. You have thermally-driven chillers today that promise awesome low-cost alternative compared to conventional electrically-driven AC units. Yes, they run on the abundant solar power & use natural gas a as a power supplement when solar energy is not available. Needless to mention, these green chillers will reward you with cool savings on your utility bill.
  1. 3D Printed air conditioner
Surely one of the hottest of modern HVAC technology trends, 3D printed air conditioner is commanding huge cheer and attention from all over of late. Thanks to this cutting edge technology, for the first time ever, the AC users will now be able to tailor the style, structure, colors & even performance of their air conditioner. You will have the complete liberty to customize your AC unit just as per your personal taste and specific home décor.
  1. Smart & learning thermostats
It's a "smart" world today where you have the smartphones taking charge of controlling almost everything and the "smart" technology has even entered the HVAC scene. Yes, you have smart thermostats and the best smart thermostats of 2017 will enable you to easily monitor & control the home temperature right from your tablet, PC and smartphone. Some smart thermostats are also Learning Thermostats which will learn your temperature preferences and then would automatically adjust your room as per the desired settings. You can control it with your Wi-Fi and will even switch itself off as you leave your room.
  1. 2-stage cooling
If you are always on the lookout of extra comfort and great energy efficiency with your AC system, it's better you take to devices with the modern 2-stage cooling. The 2-stage cooling technology enables the AC compressor to work on low or high levels as per your needs. This way, you will have the soothing cold flow on sultry days and save money with low level breezy air on milder days. No wonder, the 2-stage cooling system is always a better cost-effective option compared to standard compressors.
  1. Zoning facility
If you are looking to stop the constant war on AC settings in your home, it's ideal to settle with AC units backed by an advanced zoning system. It enables you to vary the temperature settings right under a single roof, all across your house. The zoning technology allows you to section your home in 2-4 zoning areas so that you can set the AC temperature according to specific preferences in each zone.

6.Self-diagnosis wonder

The advanced HVAC units today are being powered with amazing self-diagnosis facility that can even carry out the repair work themselves. Thus, you will have self-sufficient systems which can save the $$$ that we usually spent on problem inspection & fixing by a professional technician. However, you would still need to contact a trusted AC repair company to help you out with follow-ups & replacement of the worn-out parts. Just remember, your AC unit is a significant investment and hence there are certain qualities you should expect from your AC repair company- like professionalism, easy communication & straightforward pricing.

Kudos to and applause for the brilliant HVAC engineers for making our life better and easier today.
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