The Galaxy S8 can stream music to two headphones at the same time

If they’re Bluetooth headphones.

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Tom Regan
March 29th, 2017
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Samsung hasn't been able to catch a break recently. After suffering a brand-battering blow with the Note 7, it now looks like almost every feature of the S8 has been leaked ahead of today's launch event. Earlier today, a Galaxy S8 user guide prematurely surfaced on Samsung's download center, confirming many previously leaked specs and features. Before it was swiftly taken down, Phandroid managed to copy all the notable information from the guide, revealing the existence of a previously unreported feature -- Bluetooth dual audio.

This Sonos-esque software enables users to stream Bluetooth audio to two different speakers or headsets simultaneously, allowing you to control the volume of both audio sources separately. The leak also revealed more about the new Samsung Dex -- a feature which uses a dock to connect the S8 to a display, allowing users to navigate its OS with a keyboard and mouse.

With the official Galaxy S8 launch only hours away, Samsung can't be too pleased with this admin error stealing its thunder. We'll be attending today's event, so you'll be able to read our thoughts on the anticipated smartphone very shortly.

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