iTunes hides clues that Apple is preparing to go 4K

The 4K movies should go hand-in-hand with the next-gen Apple TV.

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Mariella Moon
July 29, 2017 7:32 PM
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Ivantsov via Getty Images
Ivantsov via Getty Images

It's inevitable for a massive digital store like iTunes to start selling 4K movies and videos, and that time might come sooner than you think. MacRumors forum member Tomas Jackson from the UK reported noticing something unusual in a receipt of his movie purchases. It described his copy of Passengers, the JLaw-Chris Pratt space romance, as "4K HDR." Meanwhile, an American forum member who purchased the same movie noted that his copy only said "HD."

It's possible that Cupertino is preparing to launch 4K movies on iTunes, so they could go hand-in-hand with the next Apple TV when it becomes available. The tags might have simply made their way to the UK store earlier than intended. According to a Bloomberg report earlier this year, the next iteration of the streaming device won't have a lot of new features, but it will support 4K and HDR. Besides, it'll be more surprising if Apple doesn't get in on the action soon: Google Play added 4K movies to its repertoire way back last year and 4K TVs are becoming more and more affordable.

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