Logitech’s MX speakers have motion-activated controls

Pair multiple devices with these desktop Bluetooth speakers.

Among Logitech's suite of releases this week comes MX Sound, billed as 'the first premium Bluetooth speaker for your desk'. An elegant design and quality audio output make them a nice addition to your workspace, but it's the features within that actually make them a really useful addition. Alongside the ol' 35mm jack, you can pair up to two devices via Bluetooth and seamlessly switch between them. Simply pause music on one device and hit play on the other for instant playback -- no fiddling around with settings. You won't forfeit sound from your PC either, so you can play audio through a Bluetooth-connected device without missing alerts and chimes from your desktop.

Another major feature is the motion activated controls. Wave your hand in front of the speaker and a set of illuminated icons appear, allowing you to pair a device or adjust volume, which is handy if there's already a lot happening on your desktop. It's motion activation at its most basic, but it does hint at future possibilities -- skipping tracks with hand gestures, for example. The speakers -- which have been designed to aesthetically complement other products in the MX range -- also boast a decent Bluetooth range of 80ft and automatic standby mode to help conserve power when not it use. They're slated for release in October at $100/£90.