Google Assistant can ID that song for you

The feature is still in the midst of rolling out, though.

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Mariella Moon
November 6, 2017 11:54 PM

You don't need to have a Pixel 2 to get a built-in song identifier anymore: Google has finally given Assistant the ability to compete with Shazam. Next time you hear a nice tune playing, you can simply ask Assistant "What song is this?" and it will reply with the title and artist. It will also toss in an info card with the title of the album where you can find the track, the date it was released and embedded links to Search, YouTube and Play that make it easier to get the song or to listen to it again.

Assistant will now also include "What's this song?" in its carousel of possible queries if you have voice as your preferred input. The big G debuted always-on music identification with its latest Pixel devices, which can compare tunes to an onboard database of more than 10,000 popular tracks. It all happens locally on Pixel 2s, but on other devices, you will need an internet connection for Assistant to be able to do your bidding. Unfortunately, we cannot replicate the ability outside the US on either Android or iOS, and it's unclear if the feature will be available outside the US. Google is still in the midst of rolling it out, though, so check back later if you can't access it yet either.

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