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TrackR's home-mapping plugs help you pinpoint lost items

There's a new keyring-like tag to go with it too.

Even in the tiniest of apartments, your most precious possessions somehow vanish when you need them most. In a bid to make messy people slightly less late, TrackR has announced a new range of item locator tags. The TrackR pixel tag is its new keyring-like device, allowing you to track any item within your home or beyond. The company has switched from aluminum to plastic, meaning that the pixel is cheaper than its predecessor. In addition, the device gains an LED light that'll help you find it in the dark.

Instead of just providing a vague location for your missing items, TrackR promises that it's latest product will lead you straight to them. That's because the new tags work with atlas, a series of WiFi plugs that uses the company's cloud-based platform to map out your home. With it, users can create floorplans of their building on the TrackR app, alerting them whenever a tagged item enters or leaves a given room.

Thanks to Amazon Alexa compatibility, TrackR users can ask to locate items, even using TrackR's pixel log to retrace their steps. In a nice touch, the atlas is also compatible with non TrackR made location products, meaning that if you've invested in other Bluetooth tracking devices you only need to purchase the atlas plugs. Both the TrackR atlas and pixel are available for pre-order now, shipping on March 15 and costing $40 and $25, respectively.

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