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Ben Heck's PS4 accessibility controllers

You'll need to swap in some custom parts.
01.08.17 in DIY

Technology should be accessible to everyone, and that includes gamers. Indeed, one of the most popular requests received by the Ben Heck Show Team has been to create custom controllers. The current generation of game consoles have made this difficult, especially the PlayStation 4, and in fact, it wasn't until a recent third-party controller came to market that Ben and Felix found an easy way to hack in custom parts.

Watch in this episode as Felix tears down the controller, while Ben shows us how to measure and model the gamepad as a guide for creating 3D-printed or laser-cut pieces. Then it's up to Ben and Karen to put the controller through its paces. What other gamepads do you think the team should create or modify for accessibility? Let the team know over on the element14 Community.

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