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10 Tech Companies Everyone Should Strive to Work For

Lindsey Patterson

Whether embarking on a new tech career or having plenty of experience and training under your belt, there are a number of companies that continually rank highest as being desirable workplaces. Company benefits, opportunities for advancement and camaraderie are some of the characteristics that make these organizations popular.

Hardware and Software

10) Intuit
The company is the ideal employment option for anyone interested in both creating software and crunching numbers. The Mountain View, CA outfit is well-known for developing financial and tax preparation programs that benefit everyday consumers and small businesses. Not only are employees intelligent, but they also genuinely care about each other. Intuit employees boast about the exceptional salaries, bonuses and the ability to balance work with personal lives.

9) Riverbed
The San Francisco company develops hardware and software designed to enhance the function of enterprise networks. Employees are pleased with the overall friendly atmosphere that remains void of personal egos or politics. Administrators and supervisors are highly intelligent while being approachable and making the workplace enjoyable.

8) Slalom Consulting
The Seattle-based company provides consulting services for businesses with cloud computing and large software projects. The types of work projects available for completion provide employees with the chance to challenge themselves while demonstrating their talents. Touted as being a fun place to work for, employees also commonly spend time together during and outside of work.

7) Qualcomm
The San Diego firm is renowned for manufacturing Snapdragon processors, which are used in smartphones and other mobile devices. The family-orientated, innovative company provides employees with the chance to engage in many different projects while learning and honing their skills. Workers receive performance rewards and decent benefits.

6) Guidewire
The Foster City company manufactures software for life insurance and realty industries. Employees voice enjoyment in working with intelligent people who share a strong work ethic. Corporate politics are next to nil and all enjoy a decent salary, benefits and social gatherings.


5) Interactive Intelligence (Genesys)

Forbes and Glassdoor both nominated this Indianapolis company as being one of the best places in which to work. Recently acquired by Genesys, this telecommunications company creates software and cloud services for telephone communications, which are used by call centers and corporations. Working for Interactive Intelligence gives employees flexibility in terms of work-life balance along with providing performance rewards and having strong leadership.

Social Networks

4) Facebook
The popular Menlo Park-based social network employees develop program tech, make improvements and monitor the site. Employees may not go to work in athletic clothing. However, they do have access to an on-site fitness center and a variety of health care providers among other perks. Genders are treated equally and all boast having an amazing support team.

3) LinkedIn
The Mountain View company is another growing in popularity as a social network site for professionals. Users enjoy the benefit of employment recruiting services through subscriptions. The employees share a standard of values and feel inspired by the training offered to professionals.

2) Twitter
The text-based social media San Francisco site ranks as high if not higher than Facebook in terms of popularity. The company received the "Employees' Choice Award" in 2014 from Glassdoor. In addition to having a sense of transparency, employees enjoy the rewards of being challenged while being innovators.

1) Google
The many unusual perks are some of the reasons why employees love working at Google in Mountain View. However, the chance to learn and develop skills also makes the company a prime option for college graduates. The atmosphere is that of genuine caring and helping. Some of the many benefits include on-site sports facilities, gyms, food, laundry and dry cleaning services. In the event of an employee death, their significant other receives half of the loved one's salary for an entire decade.

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