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5 Winning Ways A.I (Artificial Intelligence) could breathe life into CX (Customer Experience)

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For long, I'd been wrong. I'd always thought that A.I is only about robots that are taught to act like humans.
But it's totally far from that. May not be that far yet, but according to Stanford robotic Engineer Mark Cutkosky, "if we're going to have robots in the world, in our homes, interacting with us and exploring the environment, they absolutely have to have sensing."
That's physical. So he and his team are making sensors for robotics feet, fingers and skin.
But, is it possible for A.I to make the customer experience a great one?
Physically, I believe yes.
Virtually, Yes too. Due to the light speed with which technology advances every day.
However, in this little enlightenment is the 5 winning ways A.I could breathe life into the customer experience.
Companies understand clients
The smooth voyage into customer preferences is better understanding. It's a two way plus, it helps the companies know exactly what their clients need, and helps the customer get what they want without sweat.
A better understanding cuts across price too, this is the amount our clients can afford, let's give them the best possible quality while they need not break the bank.
How does A.I breathe life into this?
A.I have the capability to collect bulk data at an ultra-high velocity. It can immediately study the data thread, gather intelligence from it and ultimately enable better decision making.
Product recommendations and predictions are made almost immediately.

Make more sales
For instance, after asking "Big G" for the best wedding anniversary gift, and my first few clicks based on price ratings, I get a suggestion for related wedding anniversary gifts that cost less. At least if I can't buy a necklace, I can settle for a bracelet or pair of earrings.
A.I helps you make more sales. Once the customer behavioral pattern is being captured based on hovers or clicks, you as a marketer can connect deeper with the clients to know how you can help make the anniversary a memorable one.

Clients' route
With A.I, you know for sure your client's route. Unlike those days when you state your client's direction from a guess.
A.I could tell you where your clients are coming from and what they require to take your lead. All you need to do is to ask A.I to check where your target audience resides, and the language they speak.
Instead of waiting for them to come to you, speak their language and visit them holding their needs up high.
By knowing where that takes them, you've already foreseen the hiccup they might have along the way. Yet you have the solution for that stage too.
That's what smart brands do. Most routes are across the social media.
If I sell artworks for office walls, I won't rush to LinkedIn and direct clients to my Pinterest board. I would rather let A.I talk.

Refresh Marketers
A.I refresh marketers for two reasons,

1. They stay off scripts
2. They become more human
This helps you gain a super personalized discovery of your clients. So, your job becomes not-monotonic.
With priceless ethics and courtesy, you can relate with any clients, any persona, at any buyers journey and convert them from visitors to loyal buyers.
One word could make that possible. A.I tell you the language.

Simplest Purchase
Some clients are so busy that they hardly find that minutes to flip through your sites or app to make a purchase.
A.I chatbox solves that problems. All you need to do is actuate the purchase chat box, and it promptly replies based on your browsing history and purchase behavior to offer you an unwearying buying experience.
Though banks are yet to start this, opening a bank account online, fill in specific information, upload your picture and signature, make transfer initial deposit to activate the account, then drop by for account verification whenever your journey pass the bank. Simple.
According to a report by Gartner, by 2017, 50% of consumer product investment will be redirected to customer experience innovations.

Not too late, start using your innovative cap so you don't miss out.

Look through A.I to bring life to your CX system.

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