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3 Of The Best Tech Partnerships Of 2017

David Wither

Partnerships are the building blocks of the innovation constantly taking place in the tech sphere. The most powerful pairings give everyone a win. Not only do they change the field for vendors, they also offer practical and much-needed solutions for customers. Imagine a partnership that unified your favorite Marvel characters with your most beloved childhood cartoons. Today's tech partnerships are providing solutions and experiences for customers that are nearly ten times more epic.

Today's integrated teams are propelling vendors with innovative technology into markets that might otherwise overlook them. They're opening up the audience pool for businesses with similar initiatives to grant customers access to brilliant solutions. For customers, these consolidated companies are offering a new and unique option.

Shaping the landscape of the business landscape faster than Hulk and Speedy Gonzales ever could, here are the top three partnerships of 2017:

Apple and SAP

Ever since SAP and Apple announced their partnership last year, the tech world has waited in expectation to see what innovations the two tech giants would come up with next. For SAP, the world's largest business applications creator, the partnership meant that they got to develop customized business applications for iOS devices, iPads, and iPhones. For Apple, everyone's favorite computer giant, it opened the doors to SAP's vast worldwide sales force and customer base. This year, both are granting developers, partners, and customers the opportunity to build iOS apps customized to meet their business's needs.

The benefits businesses are set to receive from the partnership seemingly have no limit. With the new apps, businesses can operate with the help of a virtual assistant who not only addresses their questions but also alerts them to situations they ought to be aware of. With SAP apps, malfunctions can be addressed with the smartest and fastest solutions. Imagine a scenario in which a piece of equipment in a factor goes haywire. After a sensor alerts SAP's app of the issue, Apple's devices would notify staff in their natural human language and provide suggestions possible solutions. Not only would the app keep workers informed about the solution process it would also learn from behavioral data to improve actions in the future. For businesses running on Apple products, this partnership marks an exciting year packed with success.

Burstorm and Persistent Systems

Burstorm and Persistent Systems are pairing up this year to provide customers a tool that will allow them to precisely leverage the power of cloud-centric infrastructure. With digital transformation demand on the upswing, the Burstorm and Persistent Systems partnership demonstrates a need for delivery models that can optimize any cloud infrastructure.

Together, both are setting out on the road of digital transformation to design infrastructure services that will provide the strong support digital initiatives need. The partnership will allow Burstorm customers to model hybrid IT and multi-cloud infrastructure design scenarios with keen accuracy. Just announced this year, the partnership is set to be a true breakthrough for businesses relying on hybrid IT and multi-cloud infrastructure designs.

IBM and VMware

All organizations have sacred data that is distinct and valuable to their operation. As individual consumers gain more access to new software and tech, the possibility of compromise for businesses is becoming the new reality. Security that keeps up with the growing tech space is a necessity. That's where VMware and IBM's partnership comes into play. This year the two software providers are helping companies prep for the worst by arming them with the ability to protect their data and retrieve it once it runs into the ultimate worst case scenarios.

After forming their partnership, VMware and IBM developed a cloud which allowed customers to move workloads between VMware-based private clouds and IBM's SoftLayer public cloud. The partnership is now allowing VMware customers to run their virtual desktops in SoftLayer's cloud space. The virtual tool allows customers to securely backup information to a less costly cloud program while preserving existing backup infrastructure. For businesses, this means that the next time their company suffers a malfunction that wipes all of their information, the cloud will reduce security and compliance risks in the cloud.

Partnerships have always been the hallmark of innovation in the tech space. With these three tech partnerships alone, consumers can expect the global business landscape to be completely transformed.

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