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Plex snaps up news streaming app Watchup

The company believes people should be able to access all their videos from one place.

Plex wants to be in charge of all the videos you watch, even the news. The media player system has acquired news streaming service Watchup to make the latest reports from Fox News, CNN, CBS, Euronews, Sky News and other sources more accessible on mobile and streaming devices. Watchup gives you a way to collect news broadcasts from 150 sources in one place using its iOS, Android, Amazon or Nintendo Wii U app. Neither company has revealed the details of the acquisition, but it sounds like Watchup's features will be available on Plex.

According to a Plex spokesperson:

"...the acquisition marks a move toward solving a big problem in online media consumption - that people should be able to access all their news and content from one central place, on any device, at any time. Having solved half of the problem - getting your content on any, and every, device -- Plex is now setting sights on building out a robust content ecosystem. The Watchup acquisition is a big step in that direction."

Andy Pergam, a vice president at Watchup investor McClatchy, also explains:

"We believe in the premise of Watchup and have worked with them for years. We see Plex as the way forward for delivering on the promise of serving trusted, reliable news and content through a platform that makes it easy to access by the consumer."

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