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Zenplace is Disrupting Property Management Using AI and Machine Learning

Diogo Costa, @diogocostaw

For many property owners, the real estate they own is their most significant asset. A large number of owners, especially owners who own multiple properties, owners who live elsewhere, or owners who do not have the time to manage properties, use services provided by property management companies.

In a world where technology is starting to transform real estate, which represents 13% of U.S. GDP, owners are increasingly looking for innovative property management solutions that provide them with both peace of mind and take away the hassle of the renting process, and the management of the property.

To solve this, Zenplace, an award-winning property management company provides full-service property management that combines experienced real estate professionals with decades of experience, with technologies powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and chatbots.

The company is backed by investors and institutions that supported unicorns like Facebook, YouTube and PayPal, and Zenplace's team comes from technology leaders like Google, Facebook, Nokia, Microsoft, NBC, Nest and real estate giants such as CBRE and

Using innovative technology combined with real estate expertise, Zenplace takes care of all the aspects of property management and makes it easy and effortless – from finding great tenants, to cost-efficient vendors, to managing and maintaining the property using AI, machine learning, and connected devices. Zenplace works across different types of portfolios, across residential, multi-family, apartments, commercial, and mixed-use.

Zenplace provides AI powered proactive recommendations on management and maintenance. For example, using machine learning, Zenplace gives a heads-up to the owner that 47% of tenants typically will have an issue with the garbage disposal, and including a $5 wrench could avoid the otherwise inevitable $100 service call. Not only does that mean ease and simplicity for owners, it also means higher returns for owners and better maintenance of the property.

But Zenplace can also change the tenants' experience, as well. It brings them several interesting and useful features, which can absolutely make their lives easier. For tenants, Zenplace brings a wide array of services, as well as an easy way to report problems with a property - all this thanks to AI, machine learning and chatbots.

Among other features, Zenplace's concierge services, powered by those technologies, transform the tenant experience. Zenplace features an AI-powered service that works using chatbots, and through connected devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other smart devices.

Tenants can pay their rent easily, manage their energy usage and billing, and even report any issues with the property 24/7. In addition, there are a number of other useful Zenplace hub services that tenants love like easily managing their TV, internet, security and other property related services.

Zenplace's interface, as seen in the image above, is fairly easy to understand and use. It features a clean and modern design, directly presenting all the actions that can be undertaken within the app.

The Zenplace experience drives tenants to prefer a property managed with this platform, providing a competitive advantage to owners that have their property managed by Zenplace.

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