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Ben Heck's Portable N64, part 2

The second in a two-part series.
02.19.17 in DIY

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When Ben began his Nintendo 64 build, he knew it wasn't going to be easy. In this episode, he shrinks down the size of the controller, embeds the RAM expansion and begins to construct the case with design cues from the Nintendo Switch. To embed the controller, he has to get creative: The notorious analogue stick needs to be reworked. Thanks to an Arduino Pro Micro, though, it can be replaced with a joystick from Sony's PlayStation Vita.

Further hackery comes in the form of a custom-made printed circuit board to house the controller chip, as the one from the original joypad is far too big. Unfortunately, there's one final problem to overcome, but you'll have to watch the episode to find out what it is. Do you have any ideas on how this portable console could have been built differently? Or have you made your own? Let us know over on the element14 Community.

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