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Staedtler and Samsung made an old-school pencil-like S Pen

Take your 2B shading digital.

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Along with a pair of new tablets and some 5G equipment, Samsung unveiled a fresh new version of its S Pen stylus -- and it looks very familiar. The new stylus is just like German pencil maker Staedtler's Noris stylud, except it will most likely do everything Samsung's pen can. (We say "most likely" because Samsung didn't provide many details at its MWC news conference this weekend.) That featureset includes detecting up to 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, and working with the company's new tablets to write and store memos even when the screen is off, as well as outline screenshots or annotate PDF documents. Samsung didn't say anything about price or availability, but young hipsters looking to mask their digital nativeness might have reason to get excited.

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