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The Morning After: Monday, March 20th 2017

Wide awake.
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Hey, good morning!

Is there such a thing as a good Monday morning? Hopefully, you've managed to calibrate to the clock changes last week, as we kick of this one with the weekend's highlight. After all that bad Uber news, its president has quit, while Tesla is killing its (slightly more) affordable 60kWh Model S. Our weekly After Math breaks down all the numbers from the last seven days too -- no calculators required.

Say bye-bye to the Model S 60 and 60D... again.
Tesla kills its relatively affordable 60kWh Model S options

After April 16th, people will no longer be able to buy the most affordable Tesla cars available today. The automaker has decided to stop offering the Model S 60 and 60D options to "simplify the ordering process," according to a newsletter it sent to subscribers. They're merely software-locked to 60kWh, and customers can pay an additional fee to unlock the remaining 15kWh. Tesla says most people ended up paying for the software unlock, so it sees no reason to continue selling the 60kWh versions of the vehicle.

The browser now supports WebGL 2.0's advanced visuals.
Chrome quietly received a big 3D graphics boost

Notice a boost to 3D web graphics while using Chrome? It's not just you. Google says that Chrome version 56 and later releases support the WebGL 2.0 standard. You should see faster performance, new texture types and visual effects (such as volume-based effects and tone mapping). And importantly, it's now on par with the same OpenGL ES 3 spec you see in newer mobile games

This wasn't the company he thought he joined.
Uber president quits following a rough few months

Uber might be on the hunt for a second-in-command to keep its behavior in line, but that isn't stopping one key executive from heading out the door. Company president Jeff Jones is leaving after having been on the job for less than a year. Reportedly, the string of controversies in recent weeks were simply too much. In a statement, he said that his values and leadership style are "inconsistent with what [he] saw and experienced at Uber," and that he "can no longer continue" at the company.

FB's Building 8 works on everything from augmented reality to brain scans.Facebook may show off new hardware very soon

When Facebook launched its hardware-focused Building 8, it raised all kinds of questions: just what was it making in there, and when would you see the first fruits of its labor? You might not have to wait long to get the details. Sources speaking to Business Insider claim to have a broad overview of not only what Building 8 is creating, but when you might get to see it. The team is reportedly working on four advanced technology projects, and is poised to play a key role in Facebook's F8 conference in April. At least it won't be another effort to ape Snapchat. Unless it's specs?

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