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Ben Heck's logic gate board game

This episode is all about the project planning.
04.02.17 in DIY

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With any product, it's always important to get the major decisions out of the way first. Who's the intended audience? What will it look like? How can we make it portable? And, most importantly, how do we keep the cost down? Join Karen and Ben as they plan out the their logic gate board game. As seasoned as they are, though, the duo could still use your help. What size do you think the game should be, and can you recommend a suitable LCD screen and microcontroller to use with it? You can get a feel for the direction the game is headed, thanks to the prototypes Karen and Ben have mocked up using the PIC microcontroller and ChipKit. Let the team know your ideas over on the element14 Community, where you can be part of the build.

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