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Secure Your Wi-Fi for Life with the CUJO Smart Firewall

You can get the CUJO smart firewall device plus a lifetime subscription to its business level security service for the lowest price online.

Despite the sleek, seamless appearance of mobile tech, our tablets, smartphones, and ultrabooks are only as secure as the networks they access. Many people have wifi at home, but most of them don't know how to lock down a compromised network or keep active attackers at bay.

The CUJO smart firewall aims to be the network gatekeeper for your home or office by connecting to your network and using machine learning to protect every device on your network. The CUJO device and a lifetime of their security service retails for $250, but Engadget readers can pick it up today for over 15 percent off—just $205—by using code CUJO20 at checkout.

While its cute appearance may remind you of a kawaii take on the Google Home, it brings hardened, enterprise-grade protection to your personal network. By monitoring activity on all connected devices, CUJO uses machine learning to track unusual activity to stop threats before they compromise any of your private information.

CUJO's connected features also let it share information on threats with other installed CUJOs, and notify you immediately of any compromises. Affected devices can be remotely disconnected from all internet services to ensure that one weak point doesn't interfere with any of your other computers.

Marrying advanced security with plug-and-play usability, the CUJO is an ideal online security system for internet-connected homes. Get the CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall plus a lifetime subscription to all of CUJO's business-level services for just $205 today with code CUJO20 at checkout. This is a limited time offer, so act fast!

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