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Secure your data with Private Internet Access, now $100 off

Get a two-year subscription to this premium VPN service for over 60 percent off, the lowest price online.

Since Congress has decided to rollback consumer privacy and allow your ISP to sell your personal information, it's more important than ever to use a VPN (virtual private network) when you browse the web. Private Internet Access is an industry-leading VPN service that offers IP cloaking, unlimited bandwidth on up to 5 devices, and never logs your activity. A subscription normally costs around $7 per month, but Engadget readers can get a 2-year subscription today for just $59.95.

Private Internet Access offers encrypted browsing protection with server nodes in over 25 countries worldwide. Broad availability means that your secure connection won't suffer slowdowns when switching networks, and it provides a more effective cover for you internet activity. You can prevent IP-derived location tracking, and circumvent annoying geographic content restrictions for up to 5 of your devices with 1-click installation. As an added bonus, their MACE technology blocks intrusive ads and malware.

For a fast, high-quality VPN that won't log any of your activity, Private Internet Access is hard to beat. Get a 2-year subscription for $59.95, over 60 percent off the standard price.

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