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Why Disconnect is the one privacy tool you should be using

A lifetime subscription to this all-in-one digital defense is just $49.

Even though you can't see it, your digital footprint is being tracked by businesses trying to extract marketing data, and in some cases, hackers mining your information for more nefarious purposes. Aside from privacy and security concerns, these trackers can significantly slow down performance of your phone or tablet.

Disconnect Premium is the ultimate privacy tool, combining a powerful tracker-blocking browser extension with a full-featured VPN to ensure maximum privacy. While an annual subscription normally runs for $49, for a limited time you can get a lifetime subscription for the same price—just $49 at GDGT Deals.

In addition to mitigating privacy and security risks, Disconnect improves your browsing experience in a number of ways:

1. Websites won't take forever to load.

Loading certain sites on a smartphone always seems to take forever. Multimedia always takes up more bandwidth than simple text pages, but most web page bloat has nothing to do with content—many sites suffer from a glut of calls to ad networks. Disconnect prevents all unnecessary code from executing to preserve battery life and cut down on data usage. You'll never look back once you see how snappy browsing can feel without loading countless megabytes of inessential assets.

2. Your data will stay safe.

Google searches often reveal more about a person than one would like. The Disconnect VPN helps ensure that your private searches, browser history and online purchases aren't shared with anyone they shouldn't be. By encrypting all of your traffic and rerouting it through their network, you can be certain that your personal information will be protected from ISPs and other snoops.

3. You can be as anonymous as you want to be.

Whether or not you explicitly grant location information to online services, your general location can be easily determined from your IP address. By masking your device's IP, Disconnect can prevent against unwanted geolocation restrictions and make your traffic appear to be originating hundreds of miles away.

4. You'll have a wider access to the internet.

The ubiquity of public WiFi has made staying connected while traveling abroad much easier. But depending on where you are, regional licensing agreements can make streaming your favorite TV shows from home impossible. Disconnect fools geographic content lockouts by spoofing your location. It's also great for couch potatoes looking for access to the best foreign entertainment available.

By integrating multiple levels of protection into a single app, Disconnect provides a robust privacy solution that's hard to match with separate services. To keep your private data safe and improve your browsing experience, pick up a lifetime subscription to Disconnect Premium here for $49.

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