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AT&T's $70 bundle pairs unlimited data with 60 TV channels

Now watching TV on the go will only set you back $10 more a month.

First, it gave Unlimited Choice customers unrestricted mobile data, then it tried to lure people in with free HBO. Now, AT&T is attempting to win over more customers by sweetening its mobile deals even further. Today the company announced a brand new package for its Unlimited Choice customers, offering over 60 DirectTV channels for only $10 more a month than the regular Unlimited Choice bundle.

With just a single-line package currently setting users back $60 a month, AT&T's new package with 60 TV channels seems pretty reasonable at $70 a month. Unfortunately for videophiles, however, AT&T Unlimited Choice customers' data is capped at 3Mbps, so without WiFi users will be stuck streaming videos in standard definition at 480p.

Back in February, AT&T priced the same package at an eye-watering $100 a month. With Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile offering their customers similarly limitless use of data, talking and texting, AT&T's latest package looks like the company's bid to one up the big name competition.

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