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Learn how to build 15 Arduino projects from scratch

Master DIY electronics with the Arduino Bootcamp, now just $15.
09.28.17 in DIY

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Makers and hobbyists love Arduino development boards for a reason: they make it easy to get started with homebrew electronics. All you need to interact with LEDs, sensors, and other hardware components is a $7 microcontroller and a reasonably-capable PC for programming. To help you wrap your head around Arduino prototyping, Engadget readers can grab this Arduino Bootcamp for just $15 from GDGT Deals, marked down from its normal $100 price.

With unlimited access to over 9 hours of instructional material, you can get fluent in Arduino in just a few afternoons. To start you off, you'll learn the basics of programming hardware by controlling LEDs with simple push-button interactions. After you've gotten familiar with breadboard wiring and running code on your board, you'll discover how to incorporate real-time sensor data into your creations by making an ultrasonic sensor alarm and an internet-controlled weather station.

To tie everything together, you'll incorporate other hardware components to make a rudimentary stopwatch, a remote control car, and even an open-source mobile phone with SMS capabilities.

The Arduino Bootcamp usually goes for $100, but you can get it here for just $15.

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