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Save over $100 on the TREBLAB XR500 Wireless Sport Earbuds

These versatile Bluetooth earbuds are a great Powerbeats alternative, and are now over 80 percent off.

Not all wireless earbuds can combine clear audio quality, a comfortable fit, long battery life, and stand up to the elements, but the TREBLAB XR500 Wireless Sports Earbuds offer just that. They usually go for $179.99 per pair, but Engadget readers can save nearly 80 percent on a pair today and get them for just $36.99.

To keep sweat and rain from interrupting your playlists, these earbuds are rated for IPX7 water resistance. They also feature active noise cancellation that filters out unwanted background sound, so you can focus in on your workout. Best of all, you can keep the music playing for up to 9 hours, and their batteries can be quickly recharged in just two—so you can finally commit to that marathon training without worrying about your music leaving you hanging.

The TREBLAB earbuds don't skimp on comfort, even when it comes to running and biking. The XR500s' outer hooks wrap around your ears, and include multiple sizes of both silicon and expandable foam tips, ensuring a snug fit while you move. And for those that like their daily soundtrack to follow them everywhere, they pair with multiple devices, and have a wireless range of nearly 40 feet.

You can pick up a pair of TREBLAB XR500 Wireless Sports Earbuds for just $36.99 today, nearly 80 percent off MSRP.

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