Qualcomm has a fix for wireless earbuds' biggest problems

Its new chipset can almost triple battery life.

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While wireless earbuds have come a long way over the past two years, even great ones have issues. They haven't made the leaps in battery life that other wireless headphones have, and given their diminutive size, they're still plagued with wireless reception issues. Qualcomm believes it has a solution with its next wireless earbud chipset, the QCC5100, which will deliver nearly three times the battery life of previous devices, Gizmodo reports. And, perhaps most importantly, it has more wireless transmit power, which means it shouldn't cut out as much when it encounters interference.

Additionally, Qualcomm says the new chipset also has twice the processing of its predecessor, which powers earbuds like Jabra's Sport Elite. That could allow manufacturers to develop even better noise canceling, integrate smart assistants, and it opens the door for even more smart features. Just think of a version of Google's Pixel Bud's with fast translation that actually works. While its unclear when we'll actually see the QCC5100 in new earbuds, Qualcomm, naturally, says it's in talks with major companies.

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