Snapchat revives its chronological Stories feed for some users

It may be an acknowledgment the redesign needs some tweaks.

The Snapchat team may have acknowledged that some aspects of its big redesign haven't gone over well. Some users have reported seeing the Stories feed revert to the classic chronological order, rather than the algorithmically sorted feed influenced by services like Instagram. It's unclear whether this is a test, part of a full-scale switch or something else entirely. We've asked Snap for comment.

The algorithmic approach, which surfaces Stories from people you're more likely to chat with or watch, may have helped Snap's bottom line -- the company did see its user growth improve in its latest quarter. However, the out-of-order feed isn't great for everyone. While it helps newcomers connect with favorites and may help if you only interact with handful of people, it's a hindrance if you're a heavy user who wants to catch Stories the moment they're relevant, rather than hours later. As with Instagram, there's a concern the algorithmic sorting punishes loyal users for the sake of first-timers.

Snap, however, may have a good reason for returning to the old system. The redesign moved Stories from celebrities and brands to the Discover section, so your chronological feed is more likely to show the people you care about. A switch might please veteran Snapchat fans without alienating first-timers who just want to see what their close friends are doing.