Eevee lives inside the first Pokémon Tamagotchi

It's the crossover we've always wanted.

The ultra-cute collaboration we've been waiting for has been confirmed: Pokémon's Eevee is coming to Tamagotchi. Information leaked earlier this month hinted at a new dawn in virtual pet ownership, now Pokémon website Serebii has settled the rumors.

Not unlike 1998's Pocket Pikachu, the new Tamagotchi Nano will let you raise and care for an Eevee as it evolves into one of its eight evolutions. It looks like there will be a few variations, including a Team Rocket Eevee and even a Ditto Eevee, while the Tamagotchi shells are available in Eevee-appropriate brown and a pink "Colorful Friends" version.

There's no guarantee the collaboration will make it out of Japan, although it's sure to see a lot of global hype. Annoyingly, it's not slated for release until January 26th, so you won't be able to get it on your holiday wish list, but it'll retail at 2,300 Yen ($20/£16) so if it does make it overseas it won't be too expensive to snap one (or two) up for yourself.