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Here are the 15 Cyber Monday deals you need to know about

Don’t miss out on these exclusive discounts on some of the best tech deals on the web.
November 26, 2018

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Cyber Monday has arrived; and, provided you survived that madness that was Black Friday, you're probably looking to wrap up your holiday shopping with some heavily discounted tech. From mini computers to games and VPNs, we've rounded up 15 of the best Cyber Monday deals from around the Web, and to make your shopping even easier, we're including coupons you can use to save even more off their discounted prices. Read on for details:

15. The Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle

stackRetail: $608.94 | Normally: $89.99 | Today: $71.99 (with CMSAVE20 coupon)

Anyone can unleash their inner tinkerer with Arduino, the open-source electronics platform that lets you create everything from robots to wearables with little more than a circuit board and some basic programming knowledge. Combining six expert courses and Arduino's best beginner board, this bundle is the perfect starting point for Arduino enthusiasts.

14. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

stackRetail: $19.99 | Normally: $9.99 | Today: $7.99 (with CMSAVE20 coupon)

The venerable Call of Duty franchise has produced a whopping 15 games since its inception, but few have been as influential and groundbreaking as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Featuring an adrenaline-filled campaign and an amazingly deep multiplayer experience, this title drops you right into the action as you fast-rope into battle from tactical helicopters, leverage advanced weapons and hardware, and engage hostiles in visceral, modern combat.

Get it today on Steam for just $8.

13. KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location

stackRetail: $59.99 | Normally: $39.99 | Today: $31.99 (with CMSAVE20 coupon)

KeySmart has enhanced the world's simplest key organizer by integrating with Tile™ Smart Location, so that organizing and keeping track of your keys has never been easier. Keep all your keys in a simple sleeve, and locate them anywhere using the Tile™ app. Get one for just $32 today, nearly half off its normal price.

12. Photography Diploma Master Class


Retail: $395 | Normally: $49 | Today: $29 (with CMSAVE40 coupon)

There's more to photography than just point-and-shoot; and if you're keen on making a career out of your DLSR, you'll want make the transition from lazily shooting in auto mode to getting more precise shots in manual.This four-week course will show you how and expand your understanding of light, mood, hardware, and more essential concepts. You can pick it up today for just $29.

11. ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod

stackRetail: $34.99 | Normally: $19.99 | Today: $15.99 (with CMSAVE20 coupon)

Smartphones are great for snapping photos when you're traveling around, but not all of us have the steady hands to capture perfectly still shots. This ultra-durable tripod lets you set your phone up on virtually any surface for steadier photos, and, thanks to its flexible legs, you can even wrap it around poles, branches, and more objects for even more dynamic shots.

Grab one for over half off today.

10. Ivacy VPN: Lifetime Subscription + NAT Firewall

stackRetail: $1,254 | Normally: $39.99 | Today: $23.99 (with CMSAVE40 coupon)

The Web can be a dangerous place, but you don't need to fear it when you have Ivacy watching your back. This VPN/firewall combo lets you surf the Web anonymously and give intruders the boot if they try to tap into your devices. Get this deal for just $23.99 right now.

9. iPM 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

stackRetail: $129.99 | Normally: $42.99 | Today: $34.39 (with CMSAVE20 coupon)

Say hello to the only wireless charging station that can charge an iPhone, Apple Watch, and pair of AirPods simultaneously. Perfect for your growing collection of Apple hardware, this station will fit nicely on your nightstand, desk, or anywhere else in your home or office.

Grab one for under $35.

8. Graphic Design Diploma Master Class

stackRetail: $395 | Normally: $19 | Today: $11 (with CMSAVE40 coupon)

Coding isn't the only skill that can set you up with a lucrative full or part-time job. Understanding graphic design and its essential tools can kickstart a high-paying side-hustle. Over one month of coursework, this class will take you through the concepts of visual thinking, the elements and principles of design, and the basics of leading tools, like Photoshop and Illustrator, so you can get started.

7. RedVector IT Cybersecurity Pro: 1-Year Subscription

stackRetail: $199 | Normally: $99 | Today: $59 (with CMSAVE40 coupon)

Cybercrime is getting more advanced by the day, and not even the world's biggest companies are safe from data breaches. That's why demand is high for cybersecurity professionals to keep their networks safe, and RedVector can help you join their ranks. With access to more than 500 courses on top certifications, career advancement, and training reference tools, a subscription to RedVector can take you far in this field. Get this deal today for just $59.

6. Insta360 Nano S iPhone VR Camera

stackRetail: $239 | Normally: $199 | Today: $159.20 (with CMSAVE20 coupon)

Whether you're looking to live-stream your vacation to Facebook or take amazing 360-degree shots without carrying around an additional camera, Insta360 delivers it all. Simply connect the lightweight camera to your lightning port to turn your iPhone into a 360-degree video camera. With just one point and shoot, you'll capture everything around you —and then enjoy the freedom to piece together the best shots after the fact. Grab one today for just $159.20.

5. Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine

stackRetail: $1,999 | Normally: $199.99 | Today: $159.99 (with CMSAVE20 coupon)

Combining strength training, weight loss, balance, and massaging in one compact unit, this vibration machine might be the best way to keep yourself in shape in the wake of all those holiday meals. Using safe, gentle oscillating vibrations, the machine stimulates the cells in your bones and muscles, paving the way for toned muscles, burned fat, and reduced joint and back pain. Grab one for just $160 today.

4. Microsoft Excel Diploma Masterclass

stackRetail: $395 | Normally: $19 | Today: $11 (with CMSAVE40 coupon)

Chances are you've worked with Microsoft Excel, but how deep did you dig into its capabilities? As powerful as it is ubiquitous, Excel has the potential to wrangle mounds of data, automate boring tasks, and much more, making it a valuable tool for any aspiring professional. This CPD-certified program will elevate your Excel understanding and validate your training so you can impress on the job hunt. Sign up for just $11 today.

3. Fusion Mini PC

stackRetail: $250 | Normally: $180 | Today: $144 (with CMSAVE20 coupon)

The Fusion C Mini PC might be small, but don't let its size deceive you. Hardly bigger than a small cigar box, the Fusion C comes loaded with a built-in Intel quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a pre-installed version of Windows 10 to streamline your daily to-dos, wherever they take you. The Fusion C comes with a wide range of ports for connecting your favorite devices, and transporting it is as simple as unplugging your power cable and monitor and slipping it in your bag. Grab it today for $144.

2. EVO Flow System™ Planner

stackRetail: $49.99 | Normally: $39.99 | Today: $31.99 (with CMSAVE20 coupon)

There's no shortage of productivity planners out there filled with graphs, charts, and other nifty tools for streamlining your day. The problem is, not everyone thinks the same way, which makes cookie-cutter planners like these ineffective. The EVO Flow System™ Planner comes in 4 different varieties, all tailored to a specific brain type, be it the data-driven Oracle or free-spirited Explorer. Take the brain type assessment, pick the corresponding planner, and take a more targeted approach to maximizing your productivity.

1. POWERUP 3.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit

stackRetail: $49.95 | Normally: $42.99 | Today: $34.39 (with CMSAVE20 coupon)

A high-tech spin on the classic paper airplane, the POWERUP 3.0 Paper Airplane kit transforms ordinary paper planes into motorized flying machines that you can control right from your smartphone. The kit comes with instructions for building a wide variety of different planes, as well as a desk stand for showing off your creations when they're not soaring the skies.

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