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NVIDIA adds Instagram-like filters to your games

Don't ask why.

NVIDIA is diving into curious new territory with its next GeForce Experience update: filters. With a new beta feature called Freestyle, you can spice up your gameplay with 15 different filters. Because who wouldn't want to play Grand Theft Auto V in sepia tones? While it doesn't seem particularly useful, there's likely a crowd of gamers who might actually enjoy re-experiencing their favorite titles in new ways. So far, Freestyle supports 100 games, and it'll likely get even more come its official release.

Speaking of filters, NVIDIA has also added more to its Ansel in-game camera. You'll also be able to combine multiple filters for even more creative screengrabs. The new features will be available in the company's GeForce Experience software on January 9th -- just be sure to enable "Experimental Features" to see them.

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