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Get Dashlane Premium password manager for half off today

This smart and secure password manager takes the hassle out of remembering logins for all your digital accounts.

Keeping track of all your different online account credentials is a challenge—having one password across all your accounts makes it easy to remember, but dangerous if even one gets compromised, and trying to remember different secure passwords for each account is too much for any one person to keep in their head. Dashlane is a password manager that can generate secure passwords and store them to auto-fill whenever you need. Their premium version typically costs $40 per year, but they're offering it today for under $20.

Dashlane Premium offers the convenience of one-click auto-fill for your passwords and payment information without compromising on security—it comes with industry-leading encryption, two-step verification, and a master password that only you know. Plus, you'll get a security dashboard that shows you the weak, reused, or compromised passwords that put you at risk. Dashlane Premium works across all your devices and browsers, so you can easily and securely login to any account no matter where you are.

A premium subscription normally costs $40 annually, but right now, you can save 50 percent and get one year for $20, three years for $60, or five years for $100. Offer is only valid through 1/17, so grab yours today while you can.

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