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Save hundreds on lifetime access to this UX design bootcamp

You can master the art of user-engagement with this 39+ hour training bundle, now just $39.

Websites and apps need intuitive, user-friendly interfaces in addition to stunning graphics to capture an audience online. That's why UI and UX designers are so in-demand, and why you may consider familiarizing yourself with these skills via the UI & UX Design Bootcamp, which you can pick up today for just $39, down from its nearly $1,000 retail value.

With more than 39 hours of training across six courses, this bootcamp shows you how to create products that not only work and look beautiful but also foster positive habit building and create loyal customers.

Jump in, and you'll receive instruction straight from the author, speaker, and entrepreneur Nir Eyal, who expands upon ideas in his well-regarded book, Hooked: A Guide to Building Habit-Forming Products. You'll examine the "Hook Model" and understand components that drive user behavior on major social media platforms, like Facebook and Pinterest.

Of course, you'll also get savvy with the tools developers use to create these gripping products in the first place. You'll discover how to develop products using AngularJS, Cordova, Node.js, and more, and even tap into building mobile apps on Android Marshmallow.

The UI & UX Design Bootcamp's combined courses total close to $1,000, but you can get the complete collection for just $39 today.

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