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Amazon offers remote access to FreeTime parental controls

Parents can remotely set bedtimes and limits through the Parent Dashboard.

Last year, Amazon launched a Parent Dashboard to go along with its FreeTime subscription service for kids. The dashboard allows parents to see how much time their kids spend on the service and what they've read, watched or played. It also gives parents summaries of whatever their child has engaged with as well as prompts to foster conversation about it. Now, Amazon is giving parents remote access to controls.

Previously, parents had to set bedtimes, daily goals, time limits and filters through their child's device. Now they can do so remotely through the Parent Dashboard from any web browser on their computer or mobile device. Be aware that when you choose to opt in to the remote parental controls through the dashboard, all previous FreeTime settings will be erased. So just take note of your current settings if you want to keep them as they are after opting in.

The remote feature is available now.

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