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Save over $300 on a lifetime of Aura Premium meditation app

This renowned mindfulness app uses machine learning to personalize meditation exercises and help you combat stress.

Self-improvement doesn't have to start with a trip to the gym or a self-help book. Doing something as simple as reducing your stress levels via meditation can work wonders for your focus and attitude, as well as your mental and physical health. For those who don't have the patience to sit through an entire yoga class, Aura Premium offers a new approach to managing stress by leveraging machine learning technology. And, lifetime subscriptions are on sale for $79.99 — which is $319 off the full price.

Voted best of 2017 by Apple, Aura Premium provides users with mindfulness meditation exercises that can be accessed anywhere and at any time of day. Users start by selecting from 3- or 7- or 10-minute meditation durations. Then, they rate their experiences afterward, allowing Aura to pinpoint more tailored meditations.

Aura also offers tracking tools, so users can follow their progress and visualize their improvement and mood patterns. The app also offers non-meditation content, including life coaching sessions, stories, and music to complement your experience.

Lifetime subscriptions to Aura Premium normally retail for $399, but you can sign up today for $79.99, saving nearly 80 percent off the usual price.

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