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Recommended Reading: The fate of Facebook's free internet project

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Billy Steele
05.19.18 in Internet

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Adnan Abidi / Reuters

What happened to Facebook's grand plan to wire the world?
Jessi Hempel,

For years, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg touted the company's initiative that sought to bring connectivity to everyone in the world. It was presented an ambitious humanitarian effort, but things didn't go according to plan. Wired tells the story of what happened to the project following criticism and bans from local governments.

Bleszinski's fall and the perilous fame game
Colin Campbell,

Cliff Bleszinski is known my most as the rock star creator of Gears of War, but the studio he created afterwards shut down after just two games.

Los Angeles, America's future spaceport
Geoff Manaugh,
The Atlantic

LA has a lot of aerospace history, and thanks to the likes of SpaceX and others, it could be a major hub once more.

This is Ajit Pai, nemesis of net neutrality
Andrew Rice,

By now you should know a bit about the politics of the current FCC chairman, but Wired offers a look at the man himself.

As DIY gene editing gains popularity, 'someone is going to get hurt'
Emily Baumgaertner,
The New York Times

Hobbyist biohackers are editing genetic material at home and bioterrorism experts aren't thrilled about it.

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