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You can get this $130 WiFi HD security camera for just $45

The iPM World HD Panoramic WiFi Camera captures 1080p footage, and uses encryption to keep your footage private.

WiFi security cameras are great for keeping tabs on your home and giving you peace of mind, but it can be hard to justify the high price tag on products like Nest Cam. The iPM World HD Panoramic Camera captures HD footage, 360 degree views, infrared night-vision, and offers secure video encryption. It's usually $130, but you can pick one up today for just $45.

Like any other device on your WiFi network, security cameras are vulnerable to cyber-attackers, but this HD panoramic camera uses multiple video encryption protocols to keep every second of footage private, leaving you free to enjoy its impressive recording features.

Its rotating. 360-degree lens can capture the entirety of a space—even in total darkness, thanks to its infrared night vision. The iPM WiFi client can then securely stream real-time footage to your smartphone, while you use the app to control the camera's POV. Its motion detection and alarm features can alert you of any unexpected activity, and the built-in mic and speaker allow the the camera to double as a highly effective baby monitor.

While you're away from home, let the highly secure iPM World HD Panoramic Camera stand guard. Normally sold for $129.99, this 65 percent discount brings its price down to just $44.99 while supplies last.

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