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Get lifetime access to 230 hours of hands-on coding training

Dive into web development, game design, and other coding careers with a lifetime subscription to Code Avengers, now just $80

You've got the motivation, commitment, and brain power to turn a coding education into a coding career. What you might not have, unfortunately, is the money for a college tuition. You could take out a loan as an "investment" in your future, but what good is a six-figure salary when all you're spending it on is your six-figure debt? Online tutorials and eLearning services, on the other hand, provide a budget-friendly alternative, but to find a program that rivals a college education, you'll need the best of the best. With an engaging, reward-based teaching style and a career-focused curriculum, Code Avengers is an excellent option for beginners and experienced coders alike. And its greatly reduced price—just $79.99 when you buy here—makes it far more accessible than costly college programs.

Affordable Online Options

Code Avengers is an acclaimed, subscription-based coding instruction service designed to give students a solid foundation in programming basics. But don't let its easy point of entry fool you into thinking it's only for kids. A seasoned specialist can use their membership to explore other disciplines outside of their current scope, thereby strengthening their skillset and unlocking more job prospects. With over 500 lessons and 100 hands-on projects covering eight tracks of study, Code Avengers offers value far beyond its modest price tag.

Users begin by launching the Code Avengers web app and choosing their "major"—from specific programming languages like HTML/CSS, Javascript, or Python, to more general career focuses like Web Design, Development, or Computer Science. Each major features a helpful video overview, followed by ten lessons of in-depth, text-based instruction. The site also provides a notepad for sketching out ideas, a complete syllabus for each class, and a personal dashboard on which students can monitor their progress.

Just like a college course, Code Avengers ends each unit with a recap and a quiz to reinforce all that its students have learned so far. Pass the quiz, and they'll be rewarded with badges to mark their achievements, as well as valuable hint points. Should a student get stumped by a future challenge, they can exchange one of these points for a bit of help. It's a great way to incentivize users while also keeping the tone light and fun.

While other online trainings attempt to instill absolute perfection into learners, Code Avengers knows that making mistakes is part of the process. Instead of being punished for wrong answers, students are encouraged to understand their errors, learn from them, and try again. The built-in text editor feature provides a judgment-free space to try out commands, and there are even two lessons devoted to identifying and correcting faulty lines of code.

Write Real Code Before Applying for Jobs

After completing the text-based curriculum, students can apply their hard work to real hands-on projects in Code Avengers' Hour of Code section. This module walks students through the process of creating simple games, apps, and other small projects—each only taking one hour to complete. These bite-sized how-tos give context to the previous lessons and show students just how quick and easy it is to put their theoretical skills into practice.

An unlimited, pro subscription to Code Avengers unlocks all the features mentioned here, as well as access to any future updates. No need to rack up any student debt to start learning; you can get this $1,200 membership for just $79.99 for a limited time.

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