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Get a lifetime of professional Excel training for $39

Learn advanced Excel skills to help you land a higher salary with 9 in-depth courses.

Technical skills are king in today's digital work environment. And, while most view popular skills like coding as the key to gainful employment, there's much to be said about Microsoft Excel and the impact an advanced understanding can have on your job prospects and salary. The eLearnExcel: Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle was created to teach you the Excel skills that companies care about, and it's on sale for $39.

In the mid-skill job market, more employers are prioritizing digital literacy and competence with everyday software in their recruiting. More than eight in ten middle-skill jobs call for digital skills, and these same positions pay substantially more than non-digital ones, with compensation averaging $20/hr, according to Burning Glass' 2017 report on the digital skills gap.

Overcoming the skill gap doesn't necessarily mean signing up for an intensive tech bootcamp that requires you to skip work or drive a long distance, however. With eLearnExcel's collection of courses, you can familiarize yourself with Microsoft Excel and certify your skills on your own schedule with more than 28 hours of instruction.

Which Excel Skills Matter

Starting with the foundations, you'll learn how to navigate the Excel interface, utilize toolbars, and properly format spreadsheets. From there, you'll familiarize yourself with formulas and functions, discover how to analyze large sets of data, and foster a number of other essential Excel skills employers seek in today's digital market.

You'll understand how to better visualize data with charts and graphs, automate portions of your workflow with functions and macros, and more as you progress through each of the collection's nine courses.

How to Certify Your Knowledge

Upon completion of the training, you'll receive several CPD-certified credentials, allowing you to validate your understanding and demonstrate you have the skills today's employers are looking for.

The eLearnExcel: Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle normally retails for $1,066, but it's on sale today for $39, saving you more than 90 percent off the usual price.

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