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Amazon is testing out collaborative wish lists

However, it's only open to select users.
Juan Carlos Ulate / Reuters

It seems strange that Amazon, a company that dominates online shopping, doesn't offer collaborative wish lists. While people can share their personal wish lists with others, the company does not offer a way for multiple people to add to one list (except through registries). But now, Amazon has confirmed to The Verge that it's rolling out a collaborative wish list feature to a select group of people.

All we know is that the feature exists for some users. If you want to see if you're one of the lucky ones, open an existing wish list you have on Amazon. If there is a button underneath the title that says "Invite," you have access to the feature.

Clicking on it brings up a link that you can send to others to add to your wish list.

It's not clear what percentage of Amazon's users have this feature turned on, nor do we have a time frame for when (or even if) it will be rolled out to the larger public. But what we do know is that Amazon is testing the capability for this feature, and we can hope it will be expanded soon.

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