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Get lifetime access to 2000+ hours of tech training for $59

Stone River is offering unlimited access to their massive eLearning library, featuring in-depth instruction in coding, design, animation, and more.

From IT to software engineering, it's no secret that many of today's highest paying jobs are rooted in tech. It's also no secret that many of us did not have the foresight to major in computer science back in college. But even if your career path has been outside the tech sector so far, picking up the skills to break into the field is easier than you think—and you won't need to spend four more years in undergrad to get there.

Stone River eLearning has emerged as a comprehensive platform for developing lucrative technical skills on your own time via web or mobile. With more than 2,000 hours of training in coding, design, animation, and a myriad of other technical skills available, Stone River is loaded with resources to catapult you into the tech field you're after, and lifetime subscriptions are on sale for only $59 today.

Whether you're looking to get your feet wet with Java or take a deep dive into Unity 3D, Stone River is great for learning the specific tools and skills you're interested in, but its value extends far beyond that. With a lifetime membership, you also get access to a trove of VIP perks, including unlimited eBooks, personal guidance on what to learn, and even certification exams (which would usually run you over $50 each).

What's more, a lifetime membership allows you to take Stone River's courses as your career progresses so that you can foster and refine your skills well into the future.

With a subscription to Stone River, you can develop employable tech skills in coding, design, IT, and even ethical hacking without setting foot in a classroom or taking out student loans. A lifetime membership to Stone River would normally run you well over $11,000, but you can sign up today for only $59, saving more than 90 percent off the usual price.

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