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You can learn any of these 10 awesome skills for under $40

From photography and coding to music production and magic, save big on these ten resources to help you learn a new skill.

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It's never too late to learn a new skill, but not all of us have the time (or money) to jump back into a university program. Fortunately, the education landscape is changing, and given the widespread presence of online learning, picking up a new skill is more accessible and affordable than ever before. Whether you want to kickstart a coding side hustle or channel your creative side through photography, we've curated a list of 10 courses, apps, and bundles to kickstart your education; and they're all available for under $40 each.

10. Learn a new language


Deal: uTalk Language Education: Lifetime Subscription (Choose 6 Languages)

MSRP: $389.94

Sale price: $29.99 (92% off)

The benefits of learning a new language span far beyond just not sticking out like a tourist the next time you venture abroad. From enhanced memory to better multitasking skills, you stand to gain quite a bit from picking up a new language, and uTalk gives you the tools and training to do so no matter where your day takes you. Available on a range of mobile devices, uTalk uses native voice artists and practical vocabulary to get you speaking the language of your choice like a true local. You can score a lifetime subscription with six languages of your choosing for only $29.99 today.

9. Master Adobe's creative tools


Deal: The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle

MSRP: $673

Sale price: $29 (95% off)

In the age of social media and selfies, visual content is king. That's why we could all stand to get savvy with the tools designers use to create stunning content online. The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle features 65 hours of training in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and more programs housed in the Adobe Creative Cloud. Across seven courses, you'll explore retouching photos, creating stunning designs, editing video and more.

8. Use Microsoft Excel like a pro


Deal: eLearnExcel: The Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle

MSRP: $1,066

Sale price: $29 (97% off)

If you're looking for a skill that's going to communicate instant value to a potential employer, you really can't go wrong with Microsoft Excel. While most of us have a basic understanding of Excel, eLearnExcel: The Microsoft Excel Master Certification Bundle walks you through its more advanced features, like automation, charts, PivotTables, and the like. Plus, upon completing the collection, you'll walk away with a number of certifications you can include on your resume to validate your knowledge.

7. Read faster


Deal: The 2018 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle: Lifetime Subscription

MSRP: $478

Sale price: $19 (96% off)

Reading is the great conduit through which knowledge flows, so improving your reading ability is a great way to grow your knowledge long-term. This collection features two tools designed to not only boost your reading speed but also improve your comprehension: 7 Speed Reading EX 2018 and Spreeder CX 2018. 7 Speed Reading EX 2018 seeks to triple your reading speed via learning strategies, software activities, video training, and more; while Spreeder CX 2018 is an RSVP (rapid serial visual presentation) e-reader that helps you read the content you paste into it faster.

6. Demystify 3D printing


Deal: The CAD & 3D Printing eBook Bundle By Make:

MSRP: $185.88

Sale price: $19.99 (89% off)

Capable of making almost anything, 3D printers are truly a technological marvel, but you don't need to be an engineer to operate one. Whether you're interested in creating your own tools or just decorating your workspace with some fun printable toys, The CAD & 3D Printing eBook Bundle By Make: is hands-down the best way to break into this field. Featuring 12 eBooks on 3D printing, CNC routing, and more desktop fabrication tools, this collection is jam-packed with insight on understanding the relevant hardware and software, and it comes loaded with projects you can try with your own gear.

5. Become a magician


Deal: Penguin Magic Starter Pack

MSRP: $49.75

Sale price: $19.99 (59% off)

While the art of illusion might not be as practical as coding or reading faster, it's definitely way cooler to show off at parties. The Penguin Magic Starter Pack provides you with a trove of video tutorials for learning a range of different magic tricks, including Pen through the finger, Stain Alive, Vuja De, Ghost Clip, and Drawn Again. You'll learn from professional magicians and get to performing your own tricks right away.

4. Boost your drawing skills


Deal: The Fundamentals of Drawing Bundle

MSRP: $694.93

Sale price: $39 (94% off)

Contrary to what you might think, you don't need to go to art school to become a better illustrator. The Fundamentals of Drawing Bundle will walk you through the concepts and techniques behind drawing figures, animals, and even comic book heroes. You'll dive into the basics of drawing, shading, portraiture, and more as you make your way through seven courses.

3. Master photography


Deal: Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification

MSRP: $2,595

Sale Price: $19 (99% off)

When it comes to capturing breathtaking photos, having a solid understanding of lighting, composition, and exposure will take you much further than simply buying a high-end DSLR. Whether you want to capture stunning landscapes or just document your next trip abroad, the Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification can get you snapping better photos with 22 modules of "down to earth" tips, tricks, and techniques taught by the experts.

2. Learn how to produce music


Deal: Noiselab: Lifetime Membership

MSRP: $1,140

Sale price: $29 (97% off)

If you're keen on producing your own music, you'll need to get familiar with the tools of the trade, like Ableton Live. Noiselab features a curriculum taught exclusively by Ableton-certified trainers or successful producers with equally impressive credentials. With a lifetime membership, you'll get access to a trove of courses on music theory, production, and more to get your music-making career started.

1. Master the coding essentials


Deal: The 2019 Interactive Coding Bootcamp: Lifetime Access

MSRP: $499

Sale price: $39 (92% off)

Coding is without a doubt one of today's most employable skills, and you don't need to be a bonafide programming whiz to make a profit with it. Designed for even the greenest coders, this bootcamp leverages expert instructors, an improved curriculum, and real-world projects to get you working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other coding tools. With this wall-to-wall foray into full-stack web development, you'll get your coding skills online as you walk through creating a tic-tac-toe game, expense tracker, and more.

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